Founded in early 2014 in Venice, California, Beard Vape Co. e-liquids feature premium bakery, breakfast, and dessert flavors, including the longtime favorite The One E-Liquid series.

The founders of Beard Vape Co. were the Bates brothers. They, alongside close friend Colbey, had an epiphany, realizing they could create eliquids better than those currently on the market.

They created nearly 100 flavors over the course of several months, assigning a beta number to each. They were sent out for testing in local vape shops, and were met with almost immediate demand. After narrowing down the list to their original 3 flavors, they realized customers had already become familiar with their beta names, and decided to keep the numbers as their final names.

As far as the name is concerned, the father of the Bates brothers is affectionately known as “Beard”, and became the company’s namesake. It was a simple name that resonated with the brothers and their generation. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a good beard.

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